Our Technologies

Beyond limitations and predictions, our technologies are aimed at being answers to those little and big questions asked by various sections of the society when it is a real-life practical challenge. Primarily focus on better sustainability and simplicity, these technologies are broadly created for the day to day consumers, institutions of various fields, modern manufacturing industries, and the scientific community.

Inkless Printing Solutions

  • Universal printing technology is robust and not limited to any particular kind of paper.

  • This technology eliminates the need for Inks or Toners and the recurring expenditure that comes with it.

  • Our tech exploits the rapid carburization and blackening of paper fibres when exposed to controlled bursts hot plasma generated during the event of an electrical arc.

  • The technology inherently offers monochrome printing with black and white or brown shades colour scheme.

  • Enables high-speed printing at much lower power without the involvement of any ink or any special papers as required by existing thermal printers.

  • Intermediate modules also feature basic safety features such as under-voltage and over-current protection for the hosted system.

  • An All-In-One practical solution for User Access Security, Equipment Management, Energy Management and IoT Power Control System.

  • Ensure user safety, system safe handling, administration accountability, power savings and system protection.

  • The best system to increase the productivity, health, reliability and work practices for the facilities utilizing them.

What's the Impact:

  • The novelty of this technology and satisfaction is,

  • Meaningful printing

  • Comparable speed

  • Greater reliability

  • Lower power

  • Higher service life

  • Minimizes the environmental impact

  • Raise the user’s productivity

  • Value for investment

We make access to printed media more accessible and economical, especially for students, the underprivileged, the remote rural areas and institutions.

What’s the Impact:

  • Enables industrial setups to implement robotics

  • Productive manufacturing processes

  • Increases production rates by reducing investment costs

  • Higher speed, uniformity and quality of products

  • Revolutionises the industry sector.

Tailor Made Robotic Workforce System

  • A configuration builder tool to create the optimum configuration and specifications of the robotic system for the particular customer.

  • Provides access to a large database of Robotic configurations, Components inventory, and manufacturer’s catalogue using which it creates customized robots.

  • The software generates the profile of the system intended for the particular customer and generates simulation models for simulations, 3D visualizations and VR/AR assisted user training.

Autonomous Fire Targeting and Extinguishing Retrofit - AFTER Spray

The compact and modular solution developed as a retrofit to any existing fire extinguisher canisters that upgrades its manual operation to a completely autonomous one

The module consists of an onboard thermal imaging sensor that scans the environment for heat signatures corresponding to fires of various intensities and temperature.

An algorithm identifies the heat signatures that are of a potentially dangerous fire and decides to target it to be extinguished.

Onboard actuators steer the jet nozzle that aims at the fire and releases the extinguishing agent till the fire is killed.

What’s the Impact:

  • The system eliminates human lives risks

  • Extinguishes fire

  • Saves lives and property

  • Enables early identification and elimination of firess

  • Access the most remote locations where humans have no access

  • A very robust solution

  • Can be integrated with the automation framework of facilities

  • Effective surveillance and protection